We will bring shoppers to your stores
Lessy drives people to stores by boosting awareness of your assortment and discounts
Lessy is a mobile app that aggregates discounts and offers from nearby grocery supermarkets
Based on users' location we drive people to make a purchase in a nearest brick-and-mortar store. Users save on grocery shopping, retailers get more shoppers and cut costs on marketing.
People will know about your promotions and assortment
marketing channel
We take care of exposing your catalogs and stock datafeeds
More shoppers
without any costs
Store traffic
Why lessy?
Analytics on how audience interacts with your catalogs
Shopper insights
More than 1.5M people
use Lessy daily
Huge new audience
We mean it.
No cost at all. Forever.
Zero cost
How do we increase
the number of your customers?
We make people download Lessy
Huge marketing campaigns in social media and web
We create a trigger to go to your store
Users view great deals in our app and add items to their shopping cart
Our users go shopping to your store
They buy products in your store so you have an opportunity to upsale and convert to loyalty program or your app.
Lessy in numbers
Let's compare!
Costs on print and distribution
Digital campaigns
Cost on running ads in social media
Integrations with other platforms
Fees and subscriptions + time and workload
More people know about your offers and news
Cost saving
Cutting costs on marketing (CAC)
Time savings
Mixed data you can't use for decision making
We take care of any integrations
Shopper insights
Increasing budget on marketing, integrations etc.
Understand your audience
No cost
Working with Lessy is absolutely free
By yourself
With us
You attract customers using the usual ways
Your promos and products are exposed on our app and website
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